Valuations for Financial Reporting

Whether to satisfy accounting standards, tax reporting, SEC requirements, or corporate governance, there is an increased need for accurate, reliable and independent valuation opinions.

SFAS (Financial Accounting Standards)

  • 141 - Allocation of purchase price among asset classes
  • 142 - Valaution of goodwill for impairmant testing
  • 122R - Valuation of executive/employee stock options

IRC (Internal Revenue Code)

  • 197 - Identification and valuation of intangible assets such as patents, trade names, customer lists, etc
  • 409A - Valution of stock options for privately held companies
  • 482 - Valuation of intellectual property for transfer pricing
  • 1060 - Allocation of purchase price among various asset classes
Private Equity Groups

Valuation of portfolio companies for reporting to limited partners

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